The Perfect T-Shirt Quilt – XL Squares


Are you looking for the perfect t-shirt quilt?

We’ve recently partnered with Campus Quilt Co. to provide the most affordable, custom quilts and blankets on the market!

Campus Quilt Co. offers 14.5″ squares standard with every t-shirt quilt or t-shirt blanket. This means, more of your graphics will fit in the square and more of your memories will be preserved at no additional cost!

In addition, Campus Quilt Co. offers:

You will also discover their outstanding customer service, craftsmanship guarantee, and amazing pricing is perfect for preserving your memories in a T-Shirt Quilt!

With over 20 years experience in preserving millions of memories, you can trust Campus Quilt Co. with your custom t-shirt quilt!
If you have any questions, please visit their site,, and contact them directly.

Phone: (502) 968-2850

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