About Us

A Perfect Match

In 2021 we chose to partner with Campus Quilt. By merging we could provide every customer with affordable custom t-shirt quilt and t-shirt blanket options.

Since the Beginning

TShirt Quilt Co. started with the purpose of creating affordable t-shirt blankets for our customers. Over the years we became increasingly aware of the numerous challenges associated with providing low cost custom t-shirt keepsakes. As a result, in 2021 we chose to partner with Campus Quilt to maintain our commitment to affordable, quality custom keepsakes. If they can get a needle through it, you can use it on your quilt!

Moving Forward

For over two decades Campus Quilt Co. has been a leader in creating custom t-shirt quilts. Over the years they have embodied the quality and longevity associated with the quilting tradition. By partnering, Campus Quilt Co. now offers every customer the most affordable, best quality, custom t-shirt quilts and t-shirt blankets in the industry. Plus, the customer service is second to none!

Crafting a t-shirt quilt is an excellent way to ensure that your favorite memories endure for many years. We hope you’ll choose Campus Quilt Co. were each quilt is a unique tapestry that preserves cherished memories. Lets bring your story to life! Place your order today.